New Products for 2023 New Products for 2023

Some folks tried to get to the bottom of Magpul's deepest mysteries AND get the skinny on our new products for 2023. Though they took matters into their own hands, we're pretty sure they're barking up the wrong tree. We haven't figured out who tipped them off, but we will. Until then, let's take a look at what we'll be releasing soon from Magpul.

DAKA® GRID Organizer

Unlimited customization, easy to use, and better protection for your gear

Magpul's DAKA Grid Organizers are fully customizable, drop-in organizational solutions that secure and protect important equipment in your Pelican™ Vault 730 & 800 hard cases. The EPP Panels and DAKA Organizational Blocks nest securely together, creating a storage space that maximizes protection and increases versatility.  Great for organizing rifles, optics, ammunition, accessories, and other gear. The lightweight, exceptionally strong blocks protect your gear and prevent shifting during transport. Reconfigurable without tools or cutting, it’s easy to maximize the storage capacity and usefulness of your hard case. They’re also easy to clean, so there’s no passing on dirt, debris, or chemicals from one piece of gear to another.


  • Easily added to current Pelican™ Vault 730 and 800 cases
  • Endlessly customizable without tools, easy to clean, and chemical resistant
  • Confidently secures contents inside the case
  • Useable with all types of gear besides firearms

DAKA® Hard Case

Transform how you transport and store your gear

The combination of the DAKA Hard Case and the DAKA GRID Organizer located inside create a next-level transportation and storage solution for anyone who seeks ease of use, useful features, and advanced protection. The advanced polymer construction reduces weight while creating a strong, protective shell and the innovative, easy-to-use latches make closing and opening the case painless. Its ergonomically focused design means the latches, handle, corners, and wheels were all created with dependable ease of use in mind, while the case’s rounded edges avoid potential snagging issues that can lead to case damage. It also ensures that the case slides easily over most surfaces with minimal surface abrasion.


  • The wheels include rubber overmolding to reduce noise and mitigate debris incursion, while the nylon hubs and ball bearings ensure smooth, easy rolling and wheel longevity
  • Lugs on the base and recesses on the lid allow cases to nest. Strap recesses mitigate straps from shifting in transit
  • The recessed latches house locks so they aren’t exposed to damaging impacts. Includes zip-tie pass-through to hold the lock stowed in place
  • Useable with all types of gear besides firearms

ESK Selector – AR

An ambidextrous AR selector with multiple options

The Magpul ESK (Enhanced Selector Kit) Selector – AR is a modular, ambidextrous selector kit for AR pattern firearms that provides different selector options and modern ergonomics. Includes one full, short and hybrid lever, along with a selector pin and a reversible selector axle with 60 and 90-degree options. The selector pin comes in black and red options, securing the lever to the axle while acting as a selector position indicator. Lever installation is tool-less, and removal only requires a punch. The ESK – AR provides multiple selector variations and easier firing hand manipulation, allowing the shooter to employ a modern manual of arms.  


  • Three user-configurable levers for ambidextrous use
  • Reversible axle allows 60 or 90-degree selector throw
  • Constructed of high-strength polymer and corrosion-resistant steel components
  • Easy drop-in installation


Simple, effective cable management for M-LOK

The Magpul® WCK (Wire Control Kit) provides a fast, secure, and clean way to manage light and laser wires and a more streamlined forend on your rifle. The WCK includes six easy-to-install M-LOK-compatible assemblies. Each assembly is a half-slot size to allow for precise positioning and can route cables straight through, at 90 degrees, or at 180 degrees to accommodate different variations. Easily reconfigurable without requiring more tape or zip ties. 


  • Designed and intended for light/laser cable management 
  • Half-slot size allows for precise positioning
  • Can be reconfigured multiple times

Magpul® Barricade Stop – M-LOK®

A rugged, M-LOK barricade stop that stands up to abuse

The Magpul Barricade Stop allows the shooter to brace their firearm on barricades or field expedient shooting rests to create a stable platform for more accurate shots. It also acts as a hand stop for greater control of the weapon. It's constructed of a polymer body and a textured steel plate insert for aggressive contact with your shooting rest. The steel plate is faceted for optimized contact on uneven surfaces and provides the ability to pivot your firearm while keeping it under tension. It's removable, so it can easily be replaced after wear.  


  • Hybrid polymer and metal construction
  • Replaceable textured metal face
  • Corrosion-resistant metal hardware

Hunter Lite Stock – Savage® AXIS Short Action

A lighter, leaner hunting stock to keep you on the move longer

The Hunter Lite Stock – Savage AXIS Short Action streamlines our original Hunter Stocks by reducing the weight by approximately 20% and the width by 25% compared to our other Hunter stocks. A full-featured upgrade for your hunting rifle, the Hunter Lite is compatible with right and left-hand rifles by swapping out an inlet insert. The aluminum V-bedding block features steel pillars to prevent compression and deformation, and the buttstock and forend have integral sling swivel studs for your choice of slings and sling stud bipod selection. For adjustability, the buttstock has removable half-inch spacers to change LOP, and a snap-on cheek riser to let you change comb height.


  • The enlarged trigger guard allows comfortable use with gloves while allowing access to the ambidextrous magazine release
  • The magazine well features stamped steel over-insertion tabs to ensure repeatable proper presentation of the magazine under use
  • The forend features multiple M-LOK slots to accommodate your choice of accessories
  • Compatible with barrel profiles up to Medium Palma

MS1® Lite Sling

A more compact and versatile version of the industry leading MS1 Sling

The MS1® Lite is a compact version of the versatile MS1 rifle sling. The custom woven one-inch wide single-ply webbing drastically reduces the bulk and offers a high-strength, streamlined sling that avoids snagging. The custom weave resists rolling and twisting, keeping the MS1 Lite consistently comfortable. The smaller size also allows for easier stowage in tight, snag-prone areas such as cases, racks, and weapon safes. Includes a more compact MS1 slider that provides rapid adjustments that won’t slip. The MS1 Lite enables easy shoulder transitions, rapid adjustability for hands-free rifle carry, and shooting support from various positions. It’s also ideal for lightweight or smaller-form firearms, and it performs just as well as its larger predecessors in wet, dry, and sandy conditions.


  • Made from anti-chafe, single-ply webbing that minimizes rolling and twisting and high-strength polymer and corrosion-resistant steel components
  • Custom 1" slider minimizes size and maintains strength
  • Compatible with our adapters based on the MS3® and MS4™ slings to let you configure it your way

DAKA® Double Pistol Case

Rugged storage for both of your favorite pistols

The DAKA Double Pistol Case is a large-format carrying case designed to discretely secure and protect two pistols at once. The semi-rigid case includes two large carrying handles, making it perfect for transporting, storing, and keeping your things organized. The two internal panels are lined with a snag-free, protective EVA foam liner to act as a barrier against damage. Inside are two large pistol sleeves that will accommodate subcompact, compact, and full-size pistols. Each sleeve has its own retainer strap that stretches to fit a variety of pistols. There are also eight magazine retention bands that are separated from your pistols so there’s no contact between the two. Constructed of durable DAKA material, the DAKA Double Pistol Case is rugged, water-resistant, and the perfect storage solution for your pistols and more.


  • Two large carrying handles
  • Water resistant YKK® AquaGuard® zipper with large 550 cord heat shrink zipper pull
  • Snag-free protective EVA foam liner
  • Two 10” x 6.25” pistol sleeves with retention band

DAKA® Waterproof Window Pouch Small, Medium, and Large

Completely waterproof storage and organization

The DAKA Waterproof Window Pouch takes our extremely popular DAKA Pouches and closes the loop on making them usable in situations where being absolutely waterproof is a must. The YKK® zippers have been placed laterally on the side of the DAKA Waterproof Pouches, providing complete, reliable water resistance you can depend on when being submerged is a real possibility. The durable zipper pulls are made of 550 paracord and heat shrink tubing, and they’re easy to grasp when wet or when you have gloves on. Other features include a fully translucent window panel for easy contents ID, two extra-large carabiner pass-throughs for attaching to just about anything. The DAKA Waterproof Window Pouch is a necessary piece of gear when keeping your valuables waterproof is a must.


  • Includes a snag-free EVA foam liner for protection and RF welded construction to create permanent, impenetrable seals 
  • Rugged, easy-to-open and close zipper that includes a 100% waterproof YKK zipper and a 550 Paracord zipper pull 
  • Large carabiner attachment point
  • Windowed side of pouch makes keeping track of what’s inside easy

DAKA® Utility Organizer, Large

Larger size, same rugged protection for your everyday needs

The DAKA Utility Organizer, Large is a durable, weather-resistant, rugged case designed to protect, store, and secure your everyday use gear. Reinforced by its semi-rigid construction, the larger version of our Utility Organizer provides more room to protect your important items. The exterior features a water-resistant YKK® AquaGuard® zipper with a large zipper pull for easy access and closure. The left interior panel consists of one main back-side pocket, one mesh pocket, four 1.5-inch stretch molle, and two stretch pockets. The right interior panel consists of one main back-side panel for notepad storage, one mesh zippered pocket, four 1.5-inch stretch molle, and two stretch pockets. The construction methods and materials used in the DAKA line mean that our storage solutions are at home in a variety of hard-use outdoor applications, yet they’re stylish enough to be front and center in your vehicle or office. 


  • Single carabiner attachment 
  • Large 550 cord heat shrink zipper pulls
  • Water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zipper 

DAKA® Ammo Sleeve

DAKA meets on-the-go ammo storage

The Magpul DAKA Ammo Sleeve was developed for hunters who need a readily accessible way to store additional ammunition securely and with a minimal footprint. The bi-fold design makes it easy to store in a pack or a pocket. It’s constructed from our incredibly durable DAKA material, providing protection and a reduced sound signature for those times when being quiet will decide if your hunt is a success or failure. The Ammo Sleeve keeps your rounds oriented in the same direction, making them easy to access. There’s also a small internal pocket behind the top of the ammo sleeve for tags or other important items while in the field.


  • DAKA material provides reduced sound signature and rugged storage
  • Bi-fold design for a compact footprint with 10 rounds oriented in the same direction
  • Internal pocket provides added storage
  • Stretch cord closure doubles as hanging point

Magpul® Santini Eyewear

Premium Aviator glasses with impact protection built in

Our new Santini Eyewear from Magpul gives a generous nod to the U.S. Air Force Type HGU-4P Aviator Sunglasses and adds reliable impact protection and superior features not found in the government edition. They’re a casual design with anything but casual capabilities; their superior clarity, contrast, and color will mean that you’ll see as good as you look, and the premium features and style come a fraction of the cost of other brands. They fit on all facial profiles, and the low-profile temples keep you comfortable even when you’re wearing hats or other headgear. The gray-green lenses include premium treatments to help shed water, sweat, and chemicals, and they come polarized to support your active lifestyle.


  • Fits all faces and includes a ballistic rating of Z87.1
  • Oleophobic lenses repel water and provide oil, sweat, sunscreen and other chemical protection
  • Anti-slip and adjustable rubber nose pads for all day comfort
  • Low profile temple design maintains comfort and function while wearing hats or over the ear hearing protection

Magpul® Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie

Performance UPF hoodie for everything you do outside

The Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie utilizes a combination of moisture-wicking and cooling materials to create the ultimate outdoor apparel for everything outdoors. Whether you’re hunting, dialing in at the range, out on the boat, or just doing some yard work, the Sun and Steel Hoodie will keep you comfortable, functional, and protected. It features brrr° Triple Chill Effect technology that combines cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to enhance dryness and comfort and reduce temperature. The lightweight, stretchable polyester includes UPF 50 to protect you from the sun all day long.


  • Maximum UV protection UPF 50
  • Cooling minerals provide an immediate and continuous cooling effect and active wicking moves moisture away for nonstop comfort
  • Rapid drying that delivers a fresh and crisp experience
  • Lightweight, stretchable, 100% polyester for ease of movement that includes a longer body length to accommodate CCW

ZEV Technologies® Folding Defensive Pistol-9 (FDP-9) & Folding Defensive Carbine-9 (FDC-9)

Coming from Magpul and ZEV in 2023

It’s been two years since we announced the partnership between ZEV Technologies and Magpul to create the Folding Defensive Pistol and the Folding Defensive Carbine. We’re pivoting to final testing and production planning, and the plan is for the FDP-9 and FDC-9 to be available through ZEV Technologies in 2023. 

Maztech Partnership

The X4 System: Better Situational Awareness, Advanced Targeting, and Increased Lethality

Magpul and Maztech Industries have partnered to co-develop a round-counting system in response to US Government interest in fielding a rounds-remaining system as part of a bigger suite of products to enhance military capability at the individual rifleman level. Together, Magpul and Maztech are now developing and preparing to field a commercial suite of systems that expands situational awareness and increases targeting accuracy. We call it the X4.

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