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  1. Magpul® Defiant Eyewear
    Magpul® Defiant Eyewear

    Superior protection and coverage

    Learn More MAG1044
    As low as $109.00
  2. Magpul® Defiant Replacement Lens
    Magpul® Defiant Replacement Lens

    Replacement Lenses for Defiant Eyewear

    Learn More MAG1396
    As low as $39.00
  3. Angled front view of Magpul Helix Eyewear, Polarized, Black Frame, Gray Lens/Silver Mirror
    Magpul® Helix Eyewear

    Versatile, ballistic-rated sunglasses with premium features

    Learn More MAG1097
    As low as $99.00
  4. Magpul® Helix Replacement Lens
    Magpul® Helix Replacement Lens

    Adaptable lenses for all active lifestyles

    Learn More MAG1098
    As low as $29.00
  5. Angled front view of Magpul Radius Eyewear, FDE Frame, Clear Lens
    Magpul® Radius Eyewear

    Designed with shooters in mind

    Learn More MAG1145
    As low as $79.00
  6. Magpul® Apex Eyewear
    Magpul® Apex Eyewear

    Large frame, advanced features, superior protection

    Learn More MAG1130
    As low as $79.00
  7. Angled front view of Magpul Rift Eyewear, Polarized, Green Camo Frame, Gray Green Lens
    Magpul® Rift Eyewear

    Large frame with superior coverage

    Learn More MAG1126
    As low as $69.00
  8. Angled front view of Magpul Ascent Eyewear, Polarized - Black Frame, Gray Lens/Red Mirror
    Magpul® Ascent Eyewear

    All day comfort, superior protection

    Learn More MAG1132
    As low as $79.00
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