Soft Cases

Soft Cases
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  1. NEW!
    Close-up top view inside of black Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case with two pistols strapped in.
    DAKA® Double Pistol Case

    Rugged storage for both of your favorite pistols

    Learn More MAG1360
  2. DAKA® Single Pistol Case
    DAKA® Single Pistol Case

    Sleek and Rugged Pistol Case

    Learn More MAG1264
  3. NEW!
    Angled top view of black Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer, Large unzipped halfway open.
    DAKA® Utility Organizer, Large

    Larger Size, Same Rugged Protection For Your Everyday Needs

    Learn More MAG1361
  4. DAKA® Utility Organizer
    DAKA® Utility Organizer

    Compact, semi-rigid, multi-purpose case

    Learn More MAG1240
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