Magpul and Maztech Industries have partnered to co-develop a round-counting system in response to US Government interest in fielding a rounds-remaining system as part of a bigger suite of products to enhance military capability at the individual rifleman level. Together, Magpul and Maztech are now developing and preparing to field a commercial suite of systems that expands situational awareness and increases targeting accuracy. We call it the X4.

The inaugural products of the commercially available X4 line will provide sensor and information fusion that enhance awareness and support precise weapons employment. Maztech’s X4-Fire Control System (X4-FCS™) will pair your low-powered variable optic with a visual display that shows range, ballistic data, rounds remaining and other important information. The electronic round counter will offer both powered and unpowered transmission of your ammunition status to the X4-FCS™ and other off-rifle displays of your choosing.

Both products are in the final development stages and further information on pricing and shipping will be available later this year.

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