Time To Get Organized

We've Got a Stronger, Easier, and More Flexible Alternative

We started on the inside and completely reimagined how a rifle case should work. The result is an incredibly easy-to-customize solution that protects your equipment better.

What's Wrong With Your Case?

Open cell foam interiors absorb chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants and then bleed them back on to your gear.

Pick and pluck, custom cut, and laser cut options permanently change the nature of your interior. Great if you have one gun, but not if you want flexibility.

Stuffing your case with rags, towels, and loose foam is no way to support and protect your gear from damage. But everyone does it because there are no great solutions.

There is a Better Way:

The DAKA® GRID Organizer

Our Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) GRID Panels and Blocks replace your foam and all of its weaknesses to create a storage solution that maximizes protection, increases versatility, and is easy to use.

Stronger, Smarter, Cleaner

Our EPP DAKA GRID Panels and Blocks provide a custom solution every time you add gear to your case. You’ll get more protection, more space, and easy cleanup when it’s needed.


Take a look at how easy it is to set up your custom loadout.

Easy to Use

Though it’s made of super-strong, flexible material that holds and protects better than foam, that doesn’t make it hard to work with. Setting up your custom loadout takes seconds and stays put.

DAKA® GRID Organizer For the Pelican™ 730 Vault Tactical Rifle Case


DAKA® GRID Organizer For the Pelican™ 800 Vault Tactical Rifle Case


More options on the way

We’ve got other DAKA GRID accessories coming soon to help you make your precision fit even better. With angled blocks for your diagonally-shaped gear, v-blocks for barrels and uneven-sizes, tie-down straps for your locks and your interior, there’s a lot of organizing still to come.

Other Case Combatibilites Coming Soon...

Pelican™ 1750 Protector Long Case

Pelican™ 1720 Protector Long Case

Plano® AW2™ 42” Rifle Case

The Case, Optimized:

DAKA®  Hard Cases

Stronger materials, lighter weight, ergonomic design, and advanced features combine with the DAKA Grid Organizer to create a premium storage solution optimized for you and your gear.

What's Wrong With Your Hard Case?

Hinges can be punched out or get snagged when they’re in transport. The result is a broken case that exposes your gear or worse.

Locks hanging off the case are just asking to get ripped off. Even if they have reinforced metal collars, they won’t win a tug-of-war with a conveyor belt when snags occur.

Latches break, open prematurely, and can be tough to open or close when your case is full. They can be trouble just waiting to happen with your case.


Streamlined design eliminates snags, advanced injection molding construction reduces weight and increases strength for better durability and drop performance.

Includes the DAKA GRID Organizer. It's lighter, stronger, easy to use, endlessly customizable, and protects your gear better.

The water and weather-resistant gasket keeps dust and moisture out of the case and provides self-equalizing pressure control.

Handle cross sections are modeled on our Magpul pistol grips for comfort, & they're designed to stay open or stay closed when not in use.

Cammed latches are incredibly easy to open and close.

Latch design means the locked case can't be opened unless lock is removed. Lock pass-throughs secure locks for a streamlined case.

Internal corner pockets create impact-resistant bumper zones and provide extra storage space for small objects.

Three Sizes Coming Soon

The first case to arrive will be the R44, a 44” case that will hold most rifles you’re likely to own, along with all the gear that comes with them. Soon after that, the LR53 will give you 53” for your really long guns, and the C35 will be perfect for your carbine at 35”.

DAKA®  Hard Case C35


DAKA®  Hard Case R44


DAKA®  Hard Case LR53



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